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"Madhura Burse


My experience with Sacred Spaces by Yog Element by Shraddha Vora was absolutely delightful. The yoga sessions were great, with emphasis on technique and details. The interesting part for me in the entire stay was the impromptu discussions we had amongst the group and individually with Shraddha. Wherein I could gather some great insights about Ayurveda and Yog.

Madhura Burse"

"Beena Mehul Parekh

I met Shraaddha about two years back when I joined her Iyengar Yoga class. I have been learning Iyengar Yoga for over seven years from senior teachers, and I was pleasantly surprised to experience Shraddha’s knowledge. Her faith in me has challenged me to attempt asanas I hoped doing but didn’t think possible. She pushes us all to excel. Her strength, agility and grace are inspiring. And the peace and calm you see on her face always have increased my faith in Yoga. When I look at her demonstrate a pose, it seems so simple and elegant that I want to attempt it. I wish her all the success in all the endeavours of life.

Beena Mehul Parekh"

"Ruchi Sehgal

I feel very lucky to be able to practise Yoga with Shraddha. The way I feel after a class with her is simply something else! 
There have been times when I asked her to help me lose weight, and what followed, were hands down the best workouts my body has ever experienced. More recently I asked her to help quieten my mind, and all my classes since, have left me peaceful, happy, restored, stretched, and more in touch with me and my breath than I have ever been.
Its like she hears you and understands what you truly need - mentally and physically - and then with her vast love and knowledge of the subject, provides you with precisely that!
Also, her devotion and respect towards Yoga and her guru is awe-inspiring. Like she's from another time or something! I love that!

Best Yoga teacher evvvvver

Ruchi Sehgal"

"Kala Gogri

I was so grateful to have Shradhha as my teacher for more than 5 years. She is very professional and always very kind and supportive. She has an indepth knowledge of the human body and its systems. She is so perfect for alignment and asanas. She is very knowledgeable and she always explained each and every asana in detail.

Her lessons were some times hard but very interesting as she taught us discipline and motivated us to do our best. She guided us not only to the path of yoga philosophy but also taught us so much about life itself. She has a unique way of teaching as she always teaches from her heart and soul. If you are searching for a yoga teacher, your search ends here.

Kala Gogri"

"Rajiv Kalra

To sum it up in one word...Fantastic! I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 15 years...usually between running and training at the gym. I had never tried practicing yog and hence was unsure about my interest or ability to practice. I went to my first yog session with Shraddha purely to try out something new. And I’m so glad I did. Not only have I been actively practicing since that day, I must say I have been hooked for life. Shraddha’s deep knowledge of yog (not just physical but also mental aspects) and her ability to communicate and motivate her students is simply amazing.

Attending her yog sessions is energizing, motivating, and immensely satisfying. Anyone remotely interested in long-term and holistic well being must experience her yog session at least once.

Rajiv Kalra"

"Avi Vasu

She is an inspiration not only for learning yog but for listening and understanding what your body is telling you. I have never been more in tune with the workings of my body as I am now. Best teacher ever. Definitely recommend this amazing experience. You owe it to yourself.

Avi Vasu"

"Venketesh Ravikumar

Having known shraddha for a long time ,starting off as a photographer who used to passionately click Shraddha ,to knowing her in depth ,her passion for wellness ,I truly stand short of words to describe and articulate .
She is an enigma ,an aura who makes you forget your own flaws and in that process one realises that everyone is flawed and no one is perfect .
If there’s a definition for being a true yoga teacher ,shraddha is genuinely one of the best.
Raw,Pure and serene are the words that come to mind .
Such souls don’t need reviews or ratings ,they are beyond all of this .
Thank you dearest Shraddha 😇❤️

Venketesh Ravikumar"

"Shernaz Ranji

Shraddha makes yoga enjoyable while making you understand the asanas as well. Her emphasis on technique has helped my practice by miles. Patience and her smiling face definitely make you love Yoga more.

Shernaz Ranji"

"Saurabh Gupta

The thing one notices about Shraddha is she is different, and she is very authentic. Her yoga is ego free, and that's what Yoga is supposed to do for the practitioner. She helps people with overall balance and healing. Highly recommended!

Saurabh Gupta"